Friday, 27 August 2010

EL GLOBO 2: El Desplegable.

By clicking on the picture below you can see the drawing which will be the four page spread for the 'interlude' in issue 2 my comic 'EL GLOBO'. Theme being communication, the last interlude was loosely based around water.
Al apretar en la imagen de abajo puedes ver lo que será el desplegable de cuatro páginas para el "interludio" en mi cómic EL GLOBO-capítulo 2. La tema: la comunicación, el interludio para EL GLOBO#1 fue basada sobra la agua.
Both interlude 1 and 2 are set in desert like environments. Interlude 2 makes references to dealing with a world of limited recourses; there are various contraptions to enhance wind energy. The themes of commerce and communication are dominant along with inventiveness and craft; a to the left is a kind of open market built from a structure of bamboo and twinning.

The drawing part-way through. The 'market' market structure can be seen here more clearly. 

Japanese miniatures from the American Museum of Natural History
Japanese miniatures (netsuke) sketched in the American Museum of Natural History NY.

I used this netsuke* (the one depicting two amputees) in 'Interlude #2'; I thought that they represented well the idea of communication and cooperation; important in a world of limited recourses.

I made the netsuke sketch in 2007, but was reminded of it again whilst watching Alejandro Jodorowsky's film 'El Topo' in which two similar characters appear as helpers to the benevolent and blind first great gun master.

* (June 2013) I have since found a Netsuke of the same two characters on the web of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, on which it describes them as:

"Ashinaga ('long legs') and Tenaga ('long arms') are two mythical beings who live by the shore. They are often shown working together, with Tenaga on the back of Ashinaga, enabling them to catch fish"

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